Penn Lager

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Malt and Fermentables

3lbs   X-Light Dry Malt Extract
2lbs   Amber Dry Malt Extract
1lb    Dry Rice Extract
8oz   American Crystal 40L
4oz   Flaked Barley


60 mins Cluster     1 ounce
15 mins Cascade  .75 ounce
30 mins Cascade  .25 ounce

Boil: 6.5 avg gallons for 60 minutes


Wyeast American Lager (2035)

Boil wort for 60 minutes adding hops according to the schedule above.

Chill, add yeast and ferment for 14 days.

Rack over to secondary and ferment for another 14 days.

Source: Hopville

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Photo by: Tim Pearce


* 3 lbs 5 oz Munton & Fison American Light Malt Syrup (boil 60 mins)
* 1 lb Munton & Fison Light Dried Malt Extract (boil 60 mins)
* 1 oz Willamette Pellets (3.9% Alpha) (boil 45 mins)
* 1/2 oz Cascade Pellets (5.6% Alpha) (boil 5 mins)
* 1.75 oz WYeast #2035 American Lager
* 1 teaspoon Irish Moss (boil 10 mins)
* 4 oz Malto Dextrin (boil 30 mins)(note: I have no idea why I used


Add the Extracts and let boil for 15 minutes.
Add the Willamette and let boil for another 15 minutes.
Add the Malto Dextrin and let boil for 20 minutes.
Add the Irish Moss and let boil for 5 minutes.
Add the Cascade and let boil for the final 5 minutes.

Transfer the wort to a 5 gallon bucket aerate for 30 minutes.

Let the head settle down, and pitch the yeast.

Let sit at room temperature.

Once the yeast starts showing signs of activity, move the bucket to a temperature of 54 degrees.

After fermenting in the primary 1 week, transfer it to the secondary for 3 weeks.

Source:   Beer

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Light Lager

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1 Coopers Lager kit (3.75lbs) or any lager or pilsner kit
2 lbs light dry malt
2 Fresh packets of ale yeast
1 packet of pilsner enzyme (amylase enzyme)


Wort boiled for 15 minutes. This preserves the light color of the wort.
Fermentation will also take longer, about 3 to 4 weeks at 68F, because the enzymes will take awhile to convert and unfermentable sugar(body) to sugars the yeast can convert to alcohol.


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