Guinness Clone Recipe

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This is probably the primary reason I got into homebrewing.  With a case of Guinness, in my neck of the woods, costing around 35 bucks,  it doesn't take a genius to fiqure out that it is cheaper to make your own.  The original recipe is for an all-grain brewer, but I have listed the substitutions for the extract brewer,

7 pounds, Crushed pale malt
2 pounds, Flaked barley
1 pound, crushed roast barley
1 ounce, bullion hops
3 ounces, northern brewer hops
1 tsp. CaCO3 (if you are in a soft water area)
yeast starter made from a bottle of Guinness or a liquid yeast
OG: 1045-1053
Extract brewers: Substitute 2 cans of a light extract for the 7 pounds of pale malt. Also, if you don't want to make a yeast starter use Whitelabs Irish Ale yeast or Wyeast Irish Ale yeast.
I generally boil at 60 minutes, 30 minutes and 15 minutes and add my hops in at those intervals. At the 15 minute mark, I also use Irish moss to help settle the solids.

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Welcome to Beer Recipes

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Welcome to Beer Recipes.  My intent is to provide recipes on making your own beer as well as recipes that use beer.  Some of the beer recipes will be me own and others that I post well be of general interest.  I plan on posting recipes Monday's and Wednesday's.  I hope you enjoy the recipes.

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