Christmas Porter

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5 gallons, partial mash


6.6 lbs. light malt extract
3 oz. black malt
14 oz. chocolate malt
1 lb. caramel malt
1.5 oz. Northern Brewer hops (8.5% alpha acid), 1 oz. for 60 min., 0.5 oz. at end of boil
1 oz. grated ginger root, for 60 min.
1 oz. mint leaves (if whole, use in boil; if ground, use as mid-boil addition)
2 tbls. five-spice, at end of boil
Liquid dry-ale yeast (Wyeast 1084)

Step by Step:

Steep the grains for 30 minutes and remove. Add the extract. Add 1 oz. hops, grated ginger, and whole mint leaves if used. Boil 30 minutes and add ground mint if used. Boil 30 more minutes and add 0.5 oz. hops and five spice. Cool, pitch yeast, and ferment four to 10 days.

Source: BYO

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