Blueberry Ale

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* 7 pounds, British amber extract
* 1-1/2 pounds, crystal malt
* 2 ounces, Northern Brewer hops (boil)
* 1 ounce, Fuggles hops (finish)
* Whitbread ale yeast
* 2 pounds, fresh frozen blueberries

Primary Ferment: 1 week


Steep crystal malt while bringing to boil. Remove grains and add extract and boiling hops. Boil 60 minutes. Add finish hops and let steep 15 minutes. Sparge into ice, mix. Rack to 7-gallon carboy. At peak of fermentation add blueberries. Ferment 1 week and rack to secondary. Prime with corn sugar.


  1. Anonymous // 5:44 AM  

    Is it safe to not boil the berries?

  2. Ryan // 11:28 AM  

    I am sure it is safe, but it will give you a bad pectin haze keeping the ale from clarifying to its full potential.