I've decided to start a new series of beer recipes based on being inspired by football. The first in the series is dedicated to the Cleveland Browns fans. To those loyal fans who cleave to the Browns whether they are good or bad, this beer is for you. Will make a 5 gallon batch


6 pounds, English Amber malt syrup
1/2 pound, Light English dried malt extract
1/2 pound, crystal malt (40L)
1/2 pound, chocolate malt
1 pound, light brown sugar
10 HBU, Cascade
1 ounce, Cascade (finishing; 5.8% alpha)
Wyeast English Ale yeast


Mash grains in 10 quarts water at 150 degrees for 90 min. Mash pH 5.5. Mash-out 5 min. @ 168 degrees. Sparge with 5 gallons water @ 168 degrees. Dissolved sugar and molasses into runnings. Boil 90 minutes. Add Northern Brewer hops 30 minutes into boil. Turn off heat and add Cascades. Cool. Let sit over night. Rack off trub and pitch yeast. Temp at pitching: 62 degrees. After five days in primary, rack to secondary. Let sit for ten days then rack into bottling bucket with dissolved priming sugar and bottled.


O.G.: 1.052
F.G.: 1.010
Primary Ferment: 5 days at 60--65 degrees
Secondary Ferment: 10 days at 60--65 degrees

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