Gold Beer Recipe

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I usually post every Monday a new recipe but since yesterday was September 11th, I felt that it should be a day to remember instead of a day doing beer recipes. This recipe is one out of my vault and is called Gold Beer. Not because you use gold to make it, but more the color of the beer. Most of use homebrewers find that our friends and neighbors usually shun away from amber or dark colored beers, so here is one that they would even quaff down.

Gold Beer Recipe

8 pounds Extra Light Malt Extract (I used 2 cans of Alexander's Extra Light)
8 ounces Crystal Malt 20
8 ounce Cara-Pils Dextrine Malt
6 ounces Crystal Malt 40
1 ounce Cascade hops
1 ounce Saaz hops
Irish Moss
Original Gravity 1.056
Finished Gravity 1.014 - 1.020
1 packet Lallemand Doric Yeast

Crush the crystal malts and the dextrine malt and simmer in 1 gallon of water for 1 hour

Strain the grains and add the wort to your brew kettle along with 1 gallon of water

As the wort begins to heat up, slowly stir in the malt extract

After the wort begins to boil, add the 1 ounce of Cascade hops and boil for 45 minutes

Once the wort with the Cascade hops has boiled for 25 minutes, add the Saaz hops and the Irish moss

Chill the wort and add to your fermenter along with an additional 2 gallons of water

Take your hydrometer reading. If the Original Gravity is greater than 1.062 add a quarter gallon of water and retake reading

Pitch the yeast. I generally use the Doric yeast, but use whatever you are comfortable with

At this stage, I open ferment for the first 12 hours, then close fermentation for about a week
After about a week, take another hydrometer reading and if the beer is between 1.014 - 1.020 either bottle or rack to a secondary fermenter

If you want to make a lighter colored beer, cut back on the crystal malts by only adding half of them

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