Budweiser Clone Recipe

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The reason I picked this is that it is usually really tough to make a yellow colored beer from malt extracts, unless you are using an extra light variety. The best that I was able to acheive, was a dark golden color.

This is a great, easy-to-make pilsner-style beer made with ale yeast — no lagering required. Comes close to many commercial light pilsners, with just a bit more flavor. (5 gallons)


2.5 lbs. extra light dry malt extract
1.5 lbs. light honey
1 oz. Cascade hops (6% alpha acid): 0.25 oz. for 60 min., 0.25 oz. for 30 min., 0.5 oz. for steeping
1 tsp. Irish moss for 15 min.
1 tsp. gypsum
Wyeast 1056 (American ale) or Yeast Lab Canadian ale (AO7)
3/4 cup corn sugar for priming

Step by Step:

Bring 2 gal. water to boil.

Remove from heat and add dry malt, honey, and gypsum.

Return to boil. Total boil is 60 min.

Add 0.25 oz. Cascade and boil for 30 min. Add 0.25 oz. Cascade and boil for 15 min. more.

Add Irish moss and boil for 15 min. more.

Turn off heat, add 0.5oz. Cascade hops, and steep for 2 min.

Pour into fermenter and top up with cold, preboiled water. When cooled below 70° F pitch yeast.

Ferment seven to 10 days in primary at 70° F or below, then transfer to secondary and
ferment another seven days. Prime and bottle.

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