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6.3 lb unhopped Amber malt extract (Nortwestern, LaGrange shop)
2.0 oz hop pellets (Nugget,11.1% alpha, 20 min)
1.0 oz hop pellets - flavor (Willamette, 4.0% alpha, 10 min)
1.0 oz hop pellets - aroma (Willamette, 4.0% alpha, 2 min);
Wyeast #2112 (California lager)


Starter: Wyeast (lager, 2 days before, only original starter)
Boil water and cool with a chiller (~3 gallon), move chiller up & down to aretate.
Add malt extract exept hop pellets and yeast and bring to boil.
Add hop pellets, heat to boiling, watch for the foam, stir for 20 min.
Last 10 min. boil with flavor hops.
Last 2 min. boil with aroma hops.
Mix the wort with water in the fermenter, check temperature to be 60-70 F, use chiller if needed, move chiller up & down to aretate.
Mix yeast starter with wort, cover with the lid, insert air lock, wait for fermentation to start.
Move the fermenter to the ~50 F place (garage) for fermentation.

Source:  Eric's Beer Page

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