Bohemian Pilsner

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Ingredients for 6 1/2 Gallons


9 lb. 2-Row German Pilsner Malt
1 1/2 lb. 10°L Munich Malt
1/2 lb. 18°L Durst Crystal Malt
1/2 lb. DWC Cara-Pils


3/4 oz. Nugget (Homegrown whole cone, 11% 60 min.)
1 oz. Saaz (Loose Leaf, 3.1%, 60 min.)
1 oz. Saaz (Loose Leaf, 3.1%, 30 min.)
1 oz. Saaz (Loose Leaf, 3.1%, 10 min.)
1 oz. Saaz (Loose Leaf, 3.1%, Dry Hop)


Wyeast 2124 Bohemian Pilsner

3 gallons Los Angeles tap water. Use this for mashing.
6 gallons distilled water. Use for sparge and final make-up.
Lower pH to 5.5 with a few drops of 10% phosphoric acid.


This is a double decoction procedure.
Mix 1 1/2 lb of the Pilsner malt with all of the specialty grains. Mash-in with 5 Qt of tap water at 174°F. Target temp 157°F for 15 minutes.
Heat on high heat until boiling. Stir continuously. Reduce heat to simmer for 15 minutes.
While the first mash is heating, heat 10 Qt tap water to 131°:F. Mash-in the remaining Pilsner malt. Target temp 122°F for 30 minute protein rest.
Combine both mashes together for 1 hr starch conversion. Decoct 2 qt & heat to boiling to keep temp ~153°F.
Scoop out 7 Qt and heat to boiling. Stir continuously. Reduce heat to simmer for 15 minutes.
Combine both mashes again for mash-out. Target temperature 170°F.
Sparge with about 16 Qt distilled water at 170°F.
Skim hot break prior to first hop addition.
Chill wort rapidly after boil.
Pitch yeast at 71°F. Put in fridge at 50°F until fermentation begins.
Reduce temp to 45°F for 22 days.
Rack to secondary and dry hop at 45°F for 22 days.
Raise temp to 60°F for 2 days for diacetyl rest.
Prime with 180 grams priming sugar. Hold at 60°F for 1 day. Then cool at 2°F per day until at 35°F for 2 months.

O.G. 1.050
F.G. 1.013

Source: Pico Brewery

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