This is the first in a series of recipes taken from The Homebrewer's Recipe Guide. There are a couple things to know about making these recipes.

1. All recipes are for a 5 gallon batch

2. Most recipes are extract recipes

3. All recipes us liquid yeast

"The name says it all. This style of classic ale can be found in every pub in London. It is a very light beer that is usually served hand drawn and at cellar temperature in London pubs."


3 1/3 pounds light malt extract - this is usually 1 can

2 pounds light dry malt

1 1/2 ounces Kent Golding hops for boiling

1 ounce Cascade hops for finish

2 teaspoons gypsum

1 teaspoon Irish Moss

1 package London ale yeast

1/2 cup corn sugar for priming


Combine malt extracts, gypsum and Kent Goldings hops in water

Boil for 1 hour

Add 1 ounce Cascade hops and Irish Moss for the last 5 minutes of the boil

Cool wort and pitch yeast

Fermentation should be complete within 10 days.

Bottle using corn sugar.

Age in bottle 5 to 7 days.

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  1. Stonch // 10:00 AM  

    Hi there! I'm taking my first steps toward homebrewing - let me know if you have any tips here:

    Stonch's Beer Blog


  2. Unknown // 10:47 PM  


    You can find tips on making beer at my two other blogs. Making Homemade Wine and Beer or Beer, Wine and Food. Glad to see you getting into making your own brew. BTW, your website is pretty cool too.

  3. Anonymous // 1:50 PM  

    at what temp do you boil this recipe at?

  4. Unknown // 6:19 PM  


    Boil the recipe means to bring the temperature to over 212 degrees F. Basically, the boiling temp for water.