You still have time to start planning and gathering together your ingredients to make your Octoberfest beer. I usually brew mine in late March or early April and let it age until September, but you can make it now and have it ready for October. This recipe will make a 5 gallon batch.
2 Bierkeller Liquid Amber Malt 3.5 pound cans
1 pound amber dry malt extract
8 ounces 10 degree crystal malt
6 ounces chocolate malt
1 ounce Cascade hops 5.5 alpha
1 ounce Hallertauer hops 4.5 alpha
3/4 ounce Tettnanger hops
1 packet dry yeast or Wyeast no. 2206
1/2 cup of corn sugar to prime
Crush grains and step for about 1 hour.
Strain and pour liquid into brewpot.
Add additional water and begin to boil.
Slowly add the dry malt and liquid malt.
Make sure that you stir the malts so that they don not burn on the bottom of the pot.
Once the wort begins to boil, add the Cascade hops. After 30 minutes, add the Hallertauer hops. At the end of another 30 minute period, add the Tettnager hops for 1 minute.
Chill wort and add the yeast.
Primary ferment for about 2 weeks at 45 to 50 degrees and about another 2 weeks at the same temperature for the secondary.
Rack one more time and ferment for another 2 weeks at 35 to 40 degrees.
Bottle and keep stored at about 40 degrees.

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